What is a Mesh Network

We have started hearing a lot more about mesh networks for improving coverage in your home, office, and community. Your home or office may have a few spots where you cannot use the internet. We can easily repair that by creating a mesh network. Instead of only one router providing a signal, mesh networks use multiple routers or nodes connected together throughout your required coverage area.

The Connect access point (AP) design combines multi-hop networking and point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint communications to eliminate single points of failure, radio interference, or bottlenecks at the central access point.

The Connect proprietary mesh network provides gigabyte speeds and eliminates bandwidth loss between access points, with the ability to offload traffic across neighboring APs.

  • The network can distribute traffic from congested sectors within the coverage area across other radios/processors without additional investment
  • One AP covers a 1,000-foot radius range with excellent penetration into buildings reducing the number of radios required in the mesh network
  • 2,000 active users per access point with the ability to load/off-load traffic across neighboring access points to relieve congestion
  • Cloud-based data analytics measures traffic volumes, flow, type, user, etc. always learning and improving
  • Monitors wireless efficiency and improve overall network function by evaluating network throughput, load balancing per radio, and interference
  • Routes data packets to and from each AP and then determines the optimum routes. If multiple routes are involved, the platform communicates adjustments to the radio modules to improve network performance and maintain efficiency
  • A collection of radio modules perform specific functions, but their resources can be dynamically reallocated based on demand. They are easily upgradeable as technology advances without the need to replace the entire unit


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