Can Our Community Create a Pilot to Test The Connect Mobility Network?

Yes and here are a few ideas for preparing a pilot in your community:

  1. We recommend Installing the pilot where you can easily access fibre for the network. If your community already has fibre services, request additional bandwidth on your existing fibre capacity. Ask the fibre provider for a month-to-month billing option for the pilot term.
  2. We can install the access points on a few local buildings and connect them to community-operated properties during the pilot.
  3. If the community owns light or power poles, this will speed up the installation and lower the cost of deployment.
  4. If you have a busy arena in your community, installing an access point in the arena is a great way to introduce the service to your community.
  5. If fibre service is already in place, this can be completed in a day.

What Advantage Will Our Community Receive With The Connect Solution?

Every home and business will have the ability to access 1,000 Mbps of data and the data delivered will be the same as what the customer purchased. WiFi can be added to every location throughout the community plus cameras and weather stations can also be added.