Can Our Community Create a Pilot to Test The Connect Mobility Network in Our Community?

Here are a few ideas in preparing to launch a pilot in your community, while keeping the cost at a minimum:

  1. Talk to local businesses & homeowners looking for high-speed internet services. Connect will come to meet with your community and explain the features and benefits of the AP's to local businesses & homeowners.
  2. We recommend Installing the pilot where you can easily access fiber for the network and recommend a minimum of one gig service for the pilot. If your community already has fiber services, request additional bandwidth on your existing fiber capacity. Ask the fiber provider for a month to month billing option for the pilot term.
  3. If the community owns light or power poles, this will speed up the installation and lower the cost of deployment.
  4. Mount the AP between 30 and 40 feet on the pole and make sure there are no electrical transformers within 30 feet of the AP.
  5. If poles have to be installed, this will add an additional 30-60 days to access permits, complete engineering design, acquire the poles, order line locates and install the pole.
  6. If you have a busy arena in your community, installing an access point in the arena is a great way to introduce the service to your community.
  7. Find local construction services from within your community to get involved in the pilot project.
  8. Install the AP's a maximum of 1,800 feet apart.

The setup time for this process will depend on the fiber and pole access. If poles and fiber services are in place, roughly 90-120 days are required to work through the process with permitting, hiring installation teams and setup.

What Advantage Will Our Community Receive With The Connect Solution?

The AP:

  • Covers a 1000-foot (304 meters) radius and is modular in design supporting 12 radios in every AP allowing for LTE cellular and WiFi in every AP
  • Supports 1,800 active users with the ability to load/off-load traffic across neighboring AP's to relieve congestion. (Data speeds will depend on the amount of fiber bandwidth provided)
  • Offers 2X better signal penetration. Designed for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity for long distances outside the range of mesh capabilities
  • Monitors wireless efficiency and improve overall network function by evaluating network throughput, load balancing, and interference
  • Routes data packets to and from each AP and then determines the optimum routes. If multiple pathways are involved, the platform communicates adjustments to the radio modules to improve network performance and maintain efficiency.
  • Adds comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS). Parse and interpret network data and host activities ranging from packet analysis to log file contents from routers, firewalls, servers, local system logs and access calls, and network flow data
  • Supports Cloud-based data analytics (traffic volumes, flow, type, user, etc.) vs. minimal data analytics
  • Provides Cellular WAN connectivity carrier offloading
  • Includes 3G, 4G, and 5G connectivity to the AP, without the need for additional infrastructure
  • Has no single point of failure.  Expandability.  Plug-and-play. Allows for ease of upgrade and swap-out of modules

The Community Is Working with an ISP, Can We Still Work With Connect?

Connect will work directly with the communities chosen ISP to replace an existing Wi-Fi system, help expand a current Wi-Fi system, or start a new project.

Is The Connect System Capable of 5G?

Connect will insert the 5G modules into the AP's once the ecosystem/technology is ready with routers, cell phones, and tablets

Can Our Community Become The Network Operator?

Connect will work directly with the community and prepare them to operate their systems. Answer a few questions below, then contact us.

  • Who owns the light and power poles in your community? Can the AP's be installed at 30 to 40 feet on these poles?
  • Will the community operate the network with local employees or contract an ISP to manage the system?
  • Does the community have fiber now or will it require assistance with getting fiber or another backhaul to the community?
  • Contact us at 403-540-0000

What Is The Network Operating Procedure When Complete?

Once the network is fully commissioned and turned over to Connect, the operator covers the monthly fiber cost and electrical expense. Connect takes over the  responsibility for the sites and:

  • Maintains the network and follows all safety procedures
  • Works with the local operators who will become the first line of service on the network for Tier one and Tier two services.
  • Connect will train the local operators on AP replacement, router installation, administration and safety procedures
  • Network monitoring 24/7/365 by Connect Network Operations Center (NOC)

How Does the Connect Network provide WiFi and LTE Data Service?

The Connect AP is modular and can be WiFi, LTE, or both in the same AP. Every AP installed is WiFi/LTE ready, and the AP will rebroadcast any LTE data frequency, including 5G.

Connect network options include :

  • WiFi access to any device or router
  • Every device not operating over a router has a service plan
  • IoT device connection for the communities do not have access fees
  • Connect can offer roaming plan with carriers in all communities throughout Canada
  • System monitoring 24/7/365 by Connect Network Operations Center
  • Visitors to your community can be given limited access to check emails and making a VOIP call

Community Revenues

Connect provides the community with a wholesale rate for routers, cell phones, and tablets. The operator will sell and install routers, support cell phone, and tablet activations.

Cell phones will access the Connect Network using voice over WiFi or voice over LTE and operate in all coverage areas supported by Connect.