Innovative Benefits in Rural Canada

Connect’s wireless technology creates a secure, multi-layered wireless network. The access point (AP) is called a Cumulo A5 and is the industry’s first modular, scalable, omnidirectional AP that can be customized for specific applications based on range, capacity, density, security, and environmental requirements.

The Cumulo A5 can broadcast a signal in a radius of 450 meters using unlicensed spectrum, handle thousands of concurrent users, adapt to rapid bandwidth changes, and withstand extreme cold or heat. That means more devices and applications are able to connect with fewer AP's lowering deployment costs.

Network Design


The Cumulo A5 design combines multi-hop networking and point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint communications to eliminate single points of failure, radio interference, or bottlenecks at the central access point.


The Cumulo A5 contains customizable modules: WiFi (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 60GHz); cellular (LTE, 4G, 5G, etc.); VPN; security (IDS, IPS); and analytics. A collection of radio modules perform specific functions but can be dynamically reallocated.

Power Management

Each Cumulo A5 has variable transmit (TX) power management capabilities, allowing the Cumulo A5 to actively control the effective radiation of the radio transceivers in real-time to minimize noise and improve quality of service (QoS).



The network will provide LTE service using voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) within the community coverage area.


Unlike mesh solutions that can’t scale, the Cumulo A5 can provision radio frequency signals that can extend for dozens of kilometers and offer the coverage, reliability, penetration, and density capacity that others are unable to attain. The proprietary mesh network provides gigabyte speeds and eliminates bandwidth loss between Cumulo A5's, with the ability to offload traffic across neighboring Cumulo A5's.


The Cumulo A5 utilizes an identification methodology to transmit location data to other Cumulo A5's, creating a network where additional Cumulo A5 units decrease the overall network burden.


A supervisor component monitors wireless efficiency and improves overall network function by evaluating network throughput, load balancing per radio, and interference.


The Cumulo A5 uses the X, Y, and Z planes in their antennas. This increases signal coverage and improves building penetration.


The Cumulo A5 covers a 1,500-foot radius using 2.4 GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum. The coverage with drastically reduce the cost of deployment.


One Cumulo A5 supports 1,000's active devices, unlike current AP providers that support 500 active users.


The Connect network does more than connect people to social media: the proprietary technology empowers communities to be more prosperous, efficient, and secure. Communities need to implement smart technology to reduce strain on existing infrastructure and upgrade their infrastructure where necessary.

Here are a few benefits the network can provide:

• Smart streetlights and buildings
• Automated and optimized building management services like heating, lighting, and HVAC use will reduce a building’s energy and maintenance costs
• Digital signage can update drivers regarding road conditions, city-wide kiosks can provide access to maps and emergency services, smart energy meters, and microgrids
• Smart systems can detect and monitor chemical seepage, landfills levels, CO2 emissions, and gas levels for disasters or health issues
• IoT water systems measure pressure, level, flow, and chemical content to monitor water quality and prevent water waste
• Real-time data for traffic monitoring and fleet tracking
• CCTV’s and alarms can control access to and monitor restricted areas, while artificial intelligence (AI) can perform city-wide risk and threat analyses
• Metadata tracking features to learn traffic patterns
• Public Wi-Fi can be used for online education, telemedical appointments, and location services