Network as a Service (NaaS) delivers a managed network and software service. NaaS provides network and software engineering, network design, RF site survey, full component replacement, and software upgrades as required for communities to build and manage their own network. The community can operate the network as the ISP, request Connect mobility to operate the network, or contact a local Internet Service provider (ISP) to operate the network for them. The community controls the fiber relationship, Internet access, revenues and operates the network as a utility.


The network management includes building the network using local contractors, helping hire local technical staff, developing customer service and support, marketing, invoicing, and scheduling installations for homes and businesses.


Connect can rent, lease or sell the wireless units with a 5-year license agreement, ensuring a consistent managed service. The wireless license agreement includes software upgrades, network management, and a replacement warranty during the contract term. In addition, the wireless device can be upgraded to any spectrum, including Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G removing the risk of end-of-life technology.

When communities request a wired solution, Connect can build the fiber to the home (FTTH) network, operate it for the community, and get the network ready to turn over to the community or continue operating on their behalf.


A wireless project starts with an RF coverage design and RF site survey of the community. After this is completed, Connect completes a fiber design and contracts the fiber installation provider. Next, we assess pole access with utility providers or arrange to purchase and install poles along the fiber line. Finally, an electrical contractor is contracted to install power, and the network control center is set up in the community. The Connect data center provides 24-hour network monitoring of the network throughout the contract.

A wired project starts with a fiber installation design and requesting quotes from fiber installation providers.

The community can offer internet, VoIP business phone, Wi-Fi home, and business VoIP phone, streaming TV services, and work with telecom carriers on behalf of the local community. Connect will continually search for new services to build into the offering on behalf of the communities and deliver at a lower cost from volume purchases.


The billing software provides the community with a customer portal to display their locally branded Internet service offering and provides the community with full control of the network. Customers can log in from their home or office and create their account and pay for the service by credit card, EFT, or debit. The town office can access the billing software and take payment in cash or check.


With wireless network deployments, Connect maintains spectrum consistency throughout the network and will work with ISED on new spectrum options as they become available.


The Connect network engineering team will work with the community to manage the wholesale fiber requirements and microwave backhaul relationships to ensure Internet service consistency and pricing for every community.


The Connect network operation center will monitor networks 24/7 and provide support for service calls, supply AP unit software upgrades, and install spectrum advancements as they come available.


Connect will train the communities for service, sales, and administration of the network.


If your community is interested in offering local Internet services, contact us today. We will schedule a time to meet with you and explain our program and rate plans.