Ubiquity AF-24


We recently launched a broadband network in Alberta using 10 AF-24 Ubiquity one GB point to point microwave units. Over the first 6 months, seven of 10 AF-24's failed. All of the units were returned to our provider and replaced. RMA numbers were provided to us, hours of time were spent with our technical staff, and no response from Ubiquity at their head office or an explanation as to why their units failed.

The cost to the community dealing with these issues was over $20,000 for labor, lift equipment rental, shipping cost, travel expense, and hours of frustration talking to tech support and being told to move it back to an earlier software version. 

Ubiquity made no effort to compensate our client for their losses and never spoke to us about our issues. We had success with this device in the past and never experienced these issues until now.