Addressing Connectivity Challenges for Indigenous & Rural Communities


Connect offers Internet services that keep internet revenues in rural and indigenous communities. The internet service is branded to the community name of choice. The community designs internet data plans and operates the network with backup and support from Connect. Brent Grisdale and Merle Isaacson have worked with rural communities over the past 30 years and understand rural and indigenous communities’ frustrations with Internet service. Connect operates as a neutral host and supports communities using a network as a service (NaaS) model. Connect has partnered with Hook’d Wi-Fi Inc. (Hook’d) to offer ultra-high-capacity (UHC), ultra-high-density (UHD) solutions for multi-gigabyte deployment combining LTE and WiFi technologies into a single device.


Connect has partnered with a leading Fund Manager to fund any community requiring Internet service.  The process takes 90 to 120 days to prepare a complete turnkey package. If you have applied for the Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) and would like a backup plan, we can prepare a competitive bid.


From 5G and WiFi 6 and 6E to LoRa and BLE, the Hook’d patented telecommunications hardware powers internet connectivity, family chats, online classes, and the world of IoT. With the Hook’d technology, the Cumulo unit can support thousands of devices, propagate signals further, and adapt to rapid bandwidth changes so communities can do more effortlessly. Fully customizable and easily upgradeable, the Cumulo is the first futureproof piece of connectivity equipment in the market today.

Hook’d have engineered the hardware to support the most powerful industrial application on earth. The precision-engineered Hook’d-designed motherboards push the limits of technologies like augmented reality and machine learning. The revolutionary technology at the heart of the system makes the Cumulo more reliable and secure and lays the foundation for future innovation.

The Cumulo is spectrum, frequency, and backhaul agnostic with the ability to deliver Internet service and is upgradeable as new technology arrives. The Cumulo supports fiber, microwave, and satellite services with up to 10 GB of data throughput in every access point. The network can move data wherever needed throughout the network, and the network can scale from one Cumulo to thousands. Hook’d Internet of Things (IoT) capability supports town operations and local businesses to benefit from security and equipment management, telemedicine, water monitoring, pollution detection, electrical controls, smart parking, and meter reading.


Connect completes the RF site survey, develops the fiber design, and builds the network. The Cumulo is installed 11 meters above the ground with an Omni antenna array providing a 450-meter radius. Download speeds will exceed the 50 down and 10 up requirements of the Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) and the standards set by the CRTC.

COMMUNITY OPERATOR Broadband is an essential service in Canada, and we believe Internet management and revenue should stay in rural communities. Communities manage power, waste disposal, public safety, heating, and the broadband portfolio should be added as another utility in the community.
Communities can operate the network as the ISP and bring the revenues into their community. The community funds the local network, supplies back-haul, and hires local employees to load and maintain the network. Connect supplies the AP to the community and provides a network with consistent data speeds and spectrum management while allocating additional backhaul as required. Connect’s AP licensing agreement remains with the town, providing software and hardware updates regardless of who operates the system.

Communities operate the network and keep the revenues in their community. The community funds the local network, supplies back-haul, and hires local employees to load and maintain the network. Connect will sell or rent the Cumulo to the community and provide a network with consistent data speeds and spectrum management. Connect’s Cumulo licensing agreement provides software updates and monitoring throughout the 5-year license agreement. If the community wants to upgrade to a new spectrum or frequency, an action plan is developed, and pricing is provided for the upgrade.

The community provides:

  • Access to basic network infrastructure (e.g., towers, fiber or microwave backhaul, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • End-user sales, marketing, and customer relationship management activities (e.g., customer care and dispute resolution)
  • Local employees manage the network, sell the product, and provide tier one services.
  • Billing and scheduling service