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Connect Mobility (Connect) has engineered a wireless connectivity solution compatible with all current wireless standards, enabling the “last-mile” transmission of data, voice, and video at throughput speeds and capacities that substantially exceed other available solutions.

Connect’s unique WiFi/LTE solution will address Canada’s connectivity needs for Indigenous and rural communities. Connect has partnered with Hook’d WiFi to offer ultra-high-capacity (UHC), ultra-high-density (UHD) solutions for multi-gigabyte deployment combining cellular and WiFi technologies into a single network. Connect will use a neutral host platform providing a Network as a Service (NaaS) model.

Connect retains ownership of the network and offers access points (AP's), hardware and software upgrades, regulatory services, support services, and a low-cost subscription model.

Who We Are

We’re a team passionate about high-speed connectivity. We are community-based, community-focused, and understand the important role connectivity plays in rural communities in Canada.

We know Indigenous and rural Canadian communities are looking for a spark to ignite better quality of life and economic prosperity through low-cost, high-speed, ubiquitous broadband.

Meet the Team

Brent imoje

Brent Grisdale

Founder & President 


Merle imoje

Merle Isaacson

Founder & CEO

  • 29 years developing Telecom network and services
  • Founder of Nextcom Communications Inc.
  • Wireless operator of cellular, High-Speed Internet and Two-way radio networks