Connect Mobility (Connect) engineers wired and wireless connectivity solutions compatible with all current technology standards, enabling the “last-mile” transmission of data, voice, and video at throughput speeds and capacities that reach gigabyte speeds to every home and business.

Connect’s solutions will address Canada’s connectivity needs for rural and indigenous communities. Connect has partnered with all major technology providers to offer ultra-high-capacity (UHC), ultra-high-density (UHD) solutions for multi-gigabyte deployments.

Connect offers many ways of partnering with communities including revenue sharing, joint ventures, and network management.

Who We Are

We’re a team passionate about high-speed connectivity. We are community-based, community-focused, and understand the critical role connectivity plays in rural communities across Canada.

We know Indigenous and rural Canadian communities are looking for a spark to ignite better quality of life and economic prosperity through low-cost, high-speed, ubiquitous broadband.

Meet the Team

Brent imoje

Brent Grisdale

Founder & President 


Merle imoje

Merle Isaacson

Founder & CEO

  • 29 years developing Telecom network and services
  • Founder of Nextcom Communications Inc.
  • Wireless operator of cellular, High-Speed Internet and Two-way radio networks