Village of Standard, Alberta Cambium cnwave 60 GHz network

Standard, Alberta

The Village of Standard, Alberta, is a vibrant farming/oil & gas community with 376 residents and 190 homes. The Village is expanding its industrial area in the summer of 2022 and has already developed a new residential area to continue its growth.

Standard is located 20 minutes east of Strathmore, Alberta. Standard is the perfect country living community while still having amenities close by.

Standard is celebrating their 100th anniversary in August 2022

Network Development

Standard was looking for an Internet solution that provides the residents and businesses with the ability to receive the same level of Internet service as any city in Canada. Standard wanted every business and resident to exceed the CRTC-mandated 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps upload.

UBF Funding given to Telus

Telus applied for the UBF Rapid Response funding in Standard without informing the town of their application. The service Telus installed did not provide Internet to all residents. When Standard applied for UBF funding, they did not qualify because Telus already received the funds.

Connect Solution

Connect partnered with the Village of Standard to install a 60 GHz Cambium cnwave Internet service. Connect started working with the Village in 2021 and worked closely with the CAO and town council to develop a plan to build the Internet infrastructure that delivers up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) to every home and business.

Cambium published a case study on the Village partnership with Connect Mobility.

Network Design

With fibre access already available at the town office in the Village, Connect started the deployment of the V5000 Cambium radio antennas.

The project's design phase is critical to make sure every V5000 could see each other regardless of trees and leaves at all times of the year. Connect also took into consideration redundancy throughout the network. It is essential to have multiple paths from the primary fibre connection out to sites so that if one part fails, the network heals from the opposite direction.


The homes and businesses install a Cambium V1000 on their wall or roof. The V1000 antenna is only 6.65 inches high and weighs .5 pounds and can be hidden away on any home.