Community Benefits

High-speed internet in rural and indigenous communities provides a number of economic benefits to Canada. Firstly, it can help bridge the digital divide and provide access to information, education, and job opportunities to individuals who may have otherwise been left behind. This can lead to increased economic mobility and reduced poverty. Secondly, it helps to attract businesses and entrepreneurs to these areas, leading to job creation and economic growth. Additionally, high-speed internet can also help to improve access to health care services and other essential services, which can further contribute to overall economic well-being.

Connect Support

Connect Mobility brings high-speed internet connectivity to rural markets in Canada and hires a variety of skilled employees to facilitate aggressive growth and meet market demand. Connect hires full-time employees in operations, sales/marketing, and training to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Connect will find local technical support and train them to install internet equipment in homes and businesses. This will ensure that if the equipment is damaged, vandalized, or off the air, a local technician can quickly resolve the issue. Connect engineers will be available online to assist local technicians during the installation process.

In addition to technical support, Connect Mobility will also hire sales and administrative staff to work with new subscribers and help them through the activation process. These staff will assist individuals who are not comfortable with online services or may not have the ability to use online services when the network is launched. Administrative support for accounting, billing inquiries, and inventory management will also be provided.