The connectivity solution improves Internet coverage quality, reduces deployment costs, and creates new job opportunities across Canada.

The network total provides consistent data speed to every user. That means content delivery isn’t hampered by slow data streams and networks aren’t overwhelmed by thousands of users. This next-generation removes common issues of today’s oversaturated Wi-Fi networks and software upgrades are coming to increase data speeds beyond one gig per household.

In addition to high-speed Wi-Fi, Connect can power some of the most complex lighting, waste management, CCTV systems, pollution detection systems, and fleet tracking networks. These smart-systems offer a plethora of environmental benefits:

  • Water monitoring systems ensure less water is wasted
  • Smart energy systems are reducing power consumption
  • Smart community systems reduce pollution levels and costs to local governments

For many rural and suburban communities, it can be challenging to improve public safety programs while also addressing energy demands and aging infrastructure.

Few initiatives make as much financial sense as a smart community. From tangible gains in economic growth and natural resource management to more “human” gains in productivity and quality of life, smart communities save money for local governments and taxpayers, allocate natural resources more effectively, and offer citizens more opportunities.


The company will hire full-time employees in engineering, and technical support to help design, engineer, and improve this next generation of wireless technology.